Christian Education

Sunday School

Sunday school is held each Sunday in conjunction with the 9:15 am service and lasts until 10:30 a.m..  All children are welcome and encouraged to attend as we grow in our love for the Lord.  Our children are our future. For more information please contact Bishop Bob or our Director of our Sunday School Catherine Smith at 443-942-2923.


Confirmation Classes

Our Interim Rector, Father Tom Burr will provide confirmation classes on an as-needed basis. These structured classes teach the traditional history and liturgy of our religion using the 1928 prayer book. It is designed to give a greater understanding of the sacraments and prepares the students for joining our church and being confirmed by the Bishop. Contact or Father Tom for additional information.


Inquirers Class

Inquirers Classes are held periodically throughout the year for new members to our church. The classes discuss our church, its history, traditions, and our religious beliefs.  Contact Father Tom if you are interested.





Updated: 12/1/17