Welcome to St. Paul's Anglican Church in Crownsville, MD

The Rev. Thomas Burr - Rector

The Rev. Wesley Walker - Curate

The Rev. Eric Holle - Assisting Priest

The Rev. Mr. Thomas Houghton - Deacon

The Rev. Mr. Dennis Ryan - Deacon

The Rt. Rev. Robert S. Loiselle, Sr. - Rector Emeritus (Retired)

Please continue to pray for the speedy recovery of our rector, Father Tom Burr, who suffered a stroke on August 11th. He has been moved to the Univ. of Maryland Rehabilitation Center in Baltimore. He is not ready to receive visitors yet.

OLORD, holy Father, by whose loving-kindness our souls and bodies are renewed; Mercifully look upon this thy servant, Tom, that every cause of sickness being removed, he may be restored to soundness of health; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


This coming Sunday is August 25th, the 10th Sunday after Trinity 

Holy Communion is at 8 am, 9:15 am and 11 am.
Coffee hour and fellowship following each service.
Our Nursery is open from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
Come and worship with us.

All are welcome!


Check the calendar/coming events for other activities at St. Paul's


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Serving our Lord in the Annapolis/Crownsville area since 1978...


....teaching the scriptures and Christian values

....maintaining the unchanging faith and morals

....worshiping in the historic Anglican tradition

....maintaining the Apostolic succession

....welcoming all to our congregation

** Using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer **

Our Vision




At St. Paul's we will strive to love with the heart of Christ, to think with the mind of Christ, and to act as the body of Christ.

Our Mission



To know Christ more fully, to serve Him more faithfully, and to make Him better known to others.

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Crownsville, MD

is a member church of the


Diocese of The Eastern United States





The Anglican Province of America is a fellowship of Christian people seeking to bring others to know the transforming love of our Lord and Savior Christ, given to us by the Father Almighty, through the power of the Holy Ghost, and incorporating them into the community of faithful people in our historic Anglican tradition.

The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, DD, Presiding Bishop of The APA and Bishop Ordinary of The Diocese of The Eastern US

It is always a blessed day at St. Paul's in Crownsville, MD .......